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Is Drinking in Moderation Possible for Alcoholics?

“When you talk about risk versus benefit, it’s one thing to say there is no benefit,” said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a board-certified OB-GYN and ABC News chief medical correspondent, who was not involved in the research. “It’s another thing, at certain levels, to find a risk, and that’s what this new research found.” “Current treatments just aren’t effective enough,” said Halladay. “Nearly half of all people treated for AUD relapse within a year of seeking treatment.” The team used optogenetics, a viral engineering technique that allowed them to effectively shut down precise brain pathways by shining light in the brain. They shut down activity of cells in the mPFC that communicate with the nucleus accumbens, an area of the brain important for reward, and found that the number of risky lever presses increased.

This is all keeping in mind that moderate alcohol consumption and moderation management programs aren’t appropriate for those groups we already listed above. If you’re looking to adopt healthier drinking patterns and better monitor your consumption of alcohol, can you moderate your drinking there are ways to limit your alcohol intake in easy, more manageable ways. Determining whether you should drink should be based on several factors, including your own health and lifestyle, your history with alcohol, and your body’s own limitations.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Our evaluation process will give you objective feedback about the nature and severity of your drinking problem and its impact on your life. And we will help you develop a more useful perspective on the problem. We will work collaboratively with you to formulate a treatment plan that is effective, feasible, and makes sense. We are not here to coerce, badger, or humiliate you. We will discuss with you the pros and cons of abstinence and the pros and cons of moderation. And we will respectfully offer you our professional advice and recommendations.

can you moderate your drinking

The CDC also defines binge drinking, which can lead to an array of health issues. A man who has 5 or more drinks over the course of 2 hours or less has been binge drinking. For women, the threshold is 4 or more drinks in that same period. By checking in on your relationship with alcohol, you can transform the role it plays in your life.

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Because this makes drinking less pleasurable, people are less likely to crave alcohol. With the Sinclair Method, Revia or Vivitrol must be taken one hour before drinking alcohol. The personal factors listed above can change the effects of even moderate levels of alcohol use. People with certain diseases, or who are taking over-the-counter or prescription medication should check with their pharmacist or health care provider, as even low levels of alcohol use may cause a reaction. Adults should talk to their health care providers before changing their drinking habits.

can you moderate your drinking

Julie, Your BAC is a function of your gender, weight, amount of alcohol you consume and over what period of time. And women of the same weight as men will have higher BACs for a variety of reasons. Depending on your weight your estimated peak BAC might not get that high. Check out our other blog posts on this topic for our BAC calculator. ANY alcohol in your system affects your ability to drive. There is no known safe level of drinking if you are pregnant.

What Personal Factors Contribute to Reactions with Alcohol?

To be successful at moderation or abstinence requires effort and a commitment to change. You should take into account the severity of your drinking problem. You also need to think about any health, psychological, or other conditions that would be made worse by drinking. If you’re not sure of the best program for you, ask your healthcare provider or a substance abuse counselor for advice. A lot of people decide to start drinking in moderation for many different reasons. Perhaps you want to spend less money, reduce the chances of over-imbibing, or get in better shape.

  • It’s also recommended to spread out the drinking to over 3 or more days so as not to consume too much at once.
  • Part of recognizing recurring drinking behaviors is tracking consumption.
  • If you’re looking to cut back on the alcohol, are sober curious, or just want to see your options out there in the world of moderate drinking, we have answers.
  • Abstinence gives you a chance to break old habits, experience a change, and build some confidence.

You may have an alcohol dependency and need some extra help to change your drinking habits. There are people who abstain, but by and large we love to drink alcohol – it’s part of our social culture, part of our collective identity, and so pervasive that it can be hard to escape from even if you try. As anyone who’s attempted a Dry July can attest, booze is something that we are all connected to in myriads of ways. I did not see any links for how to change social drinking behavior. During the week I might drink 1-2 drinks, but in social situations lasting more than an hour it is hard to be less than three even alternating with water.