NCCYW / Wattegama

Wattegama Child Development Centre was established in the year of 1955 on May 22nd with just 4 Children, while currently catering for almost 40 – 50 Children. The Home is located near to the famous Hunnasgiriya Mountains in the Central Province, District of Kandy in the Grama Sevaka Division of Meegammana, in Wattegama. The Home was once upon a time owned and occupied by a well known British TEA Planter.

Children of the CDC attends School from Grade 1 to Grade 13. Most of the Children are attending the Meegammana Sidhartha College. Two A/L Children are attending the Wattegama Balika Central College, While Classes are conducted at the Home premises for the Subjects: English, Mathematics & Science for all the Children and for those two A/L Children they are been sent to Tuition Classes in Wattegama Town. The Children also attend Religious teachings & discipline at the MegammanaSidhartha Temple.