NCCYW / Dummaladeniya

Dummaladeniya Child Development Centre (CDC) was established on behalf of the National Council of Child & Youth Welfare (NCCYW) by then Ministry of Social Services in the year 1972. Construction of the CDC was initiated by then Minister of Social Services the late T.B. Tennakoon on 26th of July, 1972. Since the inception, as of today one thousand Children have been well looked after by this Home, which is currently located in the District of Chillaw coming under the per view of the Wennapuwa Pradeshiya Sabha in the Dummaladeniya Grama Niladari Division.

The National Council of Child & Youth Welfare, the registered office which is in Rajagiriya and its Board of Management has rendered and extended its fullest support and co-operation in the running affairs of our Child Development Centre. Therefore, the Children are ever grateful for the assistance shown by the NCCYW in formulating various programs benefiting the Children of the Home.

5 girls sat for the GCE O/L Examination in 2018 and got through with good results. 7 girls attend the Dummaladeniya Buddhist Junior School, while 2 of our girls are the current Head & Deputy Head girls of its Junior School. 2 of our girls are currently attending A/L classes at St. Mary’s School in Nainamadama, while one girl is a Student Leader in this School. Girls from our Home won track & field events conducted by the Child Development Centres in & around our area winning 4 main prizes, while their achievements was also reported in the local newspapers. Therefore, our Dummaladeniya girls are daily thriving to achieve good results together in Education & Sports.