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How Long Should dogs wear flea collars

The duration of use for flea collars can range from two to three months. It is generally recommended that you keep your dog’s flea collar on for at least two months, and up to three depending on the season and environmental conditions in which your pet lives. Be sure to read the labels on any flea control products, as each product might have different instructions or dosing requirements.

Flea collars work best when used continuously and in conjunction with other flea preventives such as spot-on treatments or oral medication. This will ensure maximum protection against fleas and keep your pet as healthy as possible.

If you take off the collar too soon, it’s likely your dog will get re-infested with fleas plus it may harm their health due to reaction of over dosage by using multiple products at once. To eradicate this problem, make sure to never leave a collar on your dog overnight or longer than instructed by the manufacturer. In addition, always follow the directions carefully whenever applying these types of treatments — they’re there for a reason!


Flea collars are an effective way of preventing fleas from getting onto your dog’s fur. You should generally replace your dog’s flea collar every 5-7 months. They are also waterproof and last for up to 6 weeks even when exposed to rain, swimming or bath time. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the product is properly applied, removed, and stored. Additionally, if you notice any irritation on your pup’s skin it may be a good idea to take off the collar right away! flea collars are an effective way of prevention against fleas and should be seresto 8 month flea & tick collar for small dogs changed at least every 5-7 months for best results.